About us

About Us

Founder – Robin Findlay

About Us

Fam Trips and Inspection Visits is exactly what it says – it gives countries, tourist boards, Destination Management Companies, Hotels and other individuals and organisations the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer to carefully selected groups of Buyers, Investors and press from the Travel industry, Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Event Organisers and people who want to invest money into sustainable energy, hotels and other projects.

Fam Trips and Inspection Visits was started in 2012 after tourist boards countries and hoteliers mentioned to Robin that they needed a platform to show off their products to a carefully filtered audience of prospective buyers and investors. To ensure that our database only contains genuine people we charge a small monthly membership fee, as experience show that this gets rid of freeloaders.

With access to our own database and other large databases, Fam Trips and Inspection Visits are able pinpoint and email the correct audience and from the respondents select the people with you to take to see the places, products and opportunities usually as a small group of 10 PAX. Fam Trips and Inspection Visits can also advise the recipients of these visiting groups how to prepare for them, what information they should have ready and give out, how to present themselves and how to follow up the visit to optimise sale chances and future business.

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Robin Findlay and Simon Calder

What you get from Fam Trips and Inspection Visits

  • Organisational skills and experience to run the event with you.
  • Carefully selected and jointly filtered buyers/investors.
  • A dedicated contact for you from start to finish

What we need from you is very simple:

  • An email to robin@famtripsandinspectionvisits.com or click here (to contact) – explaining your needs and wants
  • Help with accommodations, meals and transport which you will usually arrange to be fully hosted or at minimal cost.

Fam Trips and Inspection Visits is a free service for you and we hope to make some money from arranging future events with buyers/investors you meet, so it is important that you can sell to the people we introduce as if you don’t get business neither do we! We look forward to working with you. 

Supporting deprived Countries:

Here at Fam Trips and Inspection Visits we understand that the people of some countries have been put in bad situation by circumstances beyond their control, drought, flooding, famine, insufficient electricity, poor water supply and lack of opportunity.

With our investment programme we are trying to investors to Countries to change this. If you do not need or cannot use our service to promote your business, please consider investing some money, even a small amount to help provide water, power, jobs, and housing. Our current project is the Country of Burundi, a small beating heart shaped Country located in between Kenya, Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. You can contact us by email to robin@famtripsandinspectionvisits.com or by filling our contact us form